Thursday, August 20, 2009

Today's CN Trains

When I left Winnipeg early this morning, I crossed over CN 115 as it was rolling along Wilkes Avenue. It was really rocketing but I slowly gained on it, and after Elie I pulled over and took this quick video. IC 2462 was the middle unit, I think.

As it approached Portage la Prairie, I heard them talking with a train in Portage. 115 got to Portage just before me, so I waited at the Highway 1A crossing, until I saw an eastbound rolling out. I moved a bit and took this video of "thumper" the lead engine. Quite a sound it was making!

The crew were not very pleased with the lead engine. Just a few minutes after I took the video, I heard them call the RTC to report that the lead engine had died due to a ground fault relay. They had called the "diesel doc" to see what they could do to restart it. In the meantime, they would continue to limp along.

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Zartok-35 said...

The second train you caugth was CN 314, or the 'Hopper Tanker' as I liek to call it.