Friday, August 21, 2009

Two Trains From Lunch

I went up to Wilkes Avenue to shoot trains this lunch hour, and I was very fortunate.

First up was CN 786, an eastbound potash train with former BC Rail 4618, CN 2401, and CN 2275 for power. The first two are Dash 8s and the last is an ES44DC.

Note the aircraft appearing to fly into the top of the engine.

I went over to see the BNSF yard, missing the chance to shoot a westbound freight with CN 5711 and CN 8801. Oh well.

My third train was CN 101, a hot container train rolling out of town. This one had more conventional power, CN 2273, CN 5648, and CN 2637.

While 101 was rolling by, two railfans pulled up and I introduced myself. They were two brothers, coming to watch the CN action.

Once 101 was done, my time was up so I headed out.

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