Friday, August 28, 2009

Two Videos From Yesterday

Here are the two trains I saw yesterday, in video.

First, "Smokin' Aces" aka the Canadian.

Then, the long BNSF transfer train with BNSF 2743 and caboose on point.


Eric said...

Wow, nice job on that BNSF 2743 video, Steve. I counted 87 cars. An interesting mix of BNSF swoosh and round logos, BN large and small logos, non-BN cars and even one Santa Fe. Mark Perry had mentioned that a larger unit was needed for impending grain shipments, but I never imagined this many cars. Now, any idea where these cars are headed, are they loaded or empty, and how long does it take for the cars to cycle back south?


Canadian Train Geek said...

Hi Eric, thanks! 87 cars, eh? I hadn't counted but there sure were a lot. I had expected more like 20.

BNSF serves a grain elevator just south of the CP Rigby Yard. They have a little yard nearby there and a few tracks by the elevator itself. I have to assume all those cars are for that. I also *assume* the cars in the video were empty but I have no idea.

I saw CN's southbound freight on Saturday (yesterday) that takes the BNSF freight down to Minnesota for interchange. It had one unit (CN 2503) and perhaps 40 cars.

No idea on the cycle time.

Eric said...

Thanks Steve. Sounds like they send a whole train of empties up to Canada, then loads are shipped down when loaded. Jeez, I know Manitoba is flat but that was a lot of work for that lone GP30!