Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This Day, 19 Years Ago

CP 5405, SOO 6616 and CP 4701 in London. Slide by David T Stowe
This was quite a lashup. Shiny CP 5405 was on the point, with worn SOO 6616 in the middle and MLW M-636 CP 4701 trailing. Note the lack of a multimark on 5405, compared to the "Pacman" on 4701. I always liked the white SOO paint scheme. The slide was taken in London, Ontario by David T Stowe.

CP 5405 was an SD40 built as QNSL 209 for the Quebec, North Shore & Labrador railway in 1971. She was leased to CP in 1983 and purchased in 1985. This photo shows her in September 1987 with a multimark, so sometime between then and November 1990 she was repainted and lost the multimark. CP Roster.

SOO 6616 was built in March 1981 as an SD40-2. Sometime between 1986 and 1991, she was repainted into a different scheme, the red SOO scheme with white stripes (see here). As of 2003 she was still operating.

CP 4701 was built in 1969 by the Montreal Locomotive Works (MLW) and was an M-636.

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Brian B. said...

Hi Steve,

M 636 4701 stirred my memory bank.....I logged 4701 on the head end of a CP freight at Jackman, Maine, which had a meet, with VIA Train # 12, the Eastbound Atlantic, May 03, 1986.

I was returning from a trip to Toronto, where I had seen a Blue Jays / Angels game ( I am a big fan of the Angels )at Exhibition Stadium, which was near the lakefront. I recall how cold it was at the ball park during the night game, when the wind came off Lake Ontario.

Brian B.