Wednesday, January 27, 2010

An Accident-Prone Week?

Two stories came out on Tuesday involving trains and accidents here in Winnipeg. The first involved a woman's SUV that got stuck on the tracks at a rural crossing and was smoked by a CP train. Fortunately she had bailed out of the vehicle and was unhurt.

The second involved a minor derailment at the south end of Symington Yard. The intersection of Fermor and Plessis (near the Fermor overpass over the tracks) was closed for about an hour. The picture in the article shows some tank cars, so perhaps they were concerned about propane or some other material leaking. A CN truck was apparently sideswiped and damaged, and fortunately the occupant was unharmed.

Keep safe out there!

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Adam p. said...

Also the westbound Ocean struck a car today in Windsor Junction. Troubles all over the railway and its only wednsday.