Thursday, January 14, 2010

Diesels on Prince Edward Island, References

Thanks for reading my recent series on diesel engines on Prince Edward Island. It was a fun series to write and I learned a lot by doing the research. Here is a list of my research materials.

"A Photo History of the Prince Edward Island Railway"; Allan Graham
"CNR Diesels in N.B. & PEI"; Gary W. Ness; CN Lines magazine V10N1.
"CN's GE 70 Tonners"; Wendell Lemon; Branchline magazine September 2008.
"Diesel Study: RS-18"; Leslie Ehrlich, Bill Linley, David Othen; CN Lines magazines V12N4, V13N1, V13N4.
"CN Travels on PEI"; John A. Rushton; Branchline magazine December 2008.
"CN's Dieselization Program"; Tom Patterson; Branchline magazine March 2009.
"Canadian Trackside Guide"; various; Bytown Railway Society.

The first book in particular was invaluable and remains the key reference for anyone interested in Prince Edward Island's railway history. I hope Mr. Graham publishes a second volume, or publishes another edition of his excellent book.

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NOTE: The information in this blog post series has been collected and expanded upon to make an eBook:
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Eric said...

Thanks for the hard work on this series, Steve. This is one reason I enjoy blogging...summarizing information for one's own purposes, plus providing a resource for others. Ya can take the railfan out of the Maritimes but not the Maritimes out of the railfan, eh? (Graham's book is awesome)