Friday, January 22, 2010

DPU 101

I went up to CN Waverley Tuesday (Jan 19) at about 12:30. I saw a westbound container train was parked on the south track near Fort Rouge, and a dim headlight was visible to the west. I learned the container train was CN 101 and it was about to start up. The other train turned out to be an eastbound local, and it paused west of Waverley Street.

CN 101 rumbled by with CN 2296 and CN 5274 on the head end. The conductor gave me a nice wave on the way by. I wish I could have waved back but my hands were busy with the cameras. I watched 101 roll by, and then I saw CN 2268 was the distributed power (DPU) about 1/3 of the way back in the train.

Once 101 finished rolling by, the local rolled through Waverley Street, with CN 7238, slug CN 238, and two boxcars. They seem to have timed it so they would cross while 101 was still holding the crossing gates down.

I was expecting the Hudson Bay to come along, but I heard it was just leaving the station at 12:50 and that was too late for me.

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