Sunday, January 24, 2010

GEe Whiz

CN 2619 in Winnipeg
I was running an errand Thursday afternoon (Jan 21) and found myself near the CN Rivers sub in Winnipeg. Fortunately there was a train nearby. CN train 312 was heading in with CN 2691 and ex-BC Rail 4619 for power, and I shot it in the flat light. It was a long train, about 120 cars, and it had a rarity, a female conductor. NTTAWWT but it doesn't happen a lot.

Right after 312 finally passed, CP 3098 headed south on the La Riviere sub across the diamond.

Finally, CN 114 pulled up to the signals short of the diamond and stopped. Apparently CN 312 was stopped up ahead so 114 had to wait. 114 had CN 5525 and CN 5660 for power. This was my first time seeing 5525 but CN 5660 is an old friend.

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