Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hudson Bay Photos From 1994

I stumbled across these photos by Jim Bissell of VIA's Hudson Bay train at this site. I like seeing the old blue and yellow colours.
VIA's Hudson Bay, by Jim Bissell
Two Hudson Bays Meet - VIA 692, the southbound Hudson Bay with FP9A 6301 in the lead meets the northbound Hudson Bay, train 693 near Wabowden, Manatoba in September, 1994. By Jim Bissell.

VIA's Hudson Bay, by Jim Bissell
VIAs Train 693, The Hudson Bay. Two beautiful FP9s (6302 & 6300) with the Hudson Bay at Thompson, Manitoba in September of 1994. Photo and scan by Jim Bissell.

Note the steam generator car behind the two FP9s, and the ex-CP car on the end.


DRC in Bathurst said...

Those are GM steve! F7-9

Canadian Train Geek said...

D'oh! Of course you're right, David. Fixed. Thanks for pointing that out.

Eric said...

Nice VIA photos, Steve. Is it possible that tail-end car is private car Caritas?
shows the car, with its wide red stripe, and it was also in Canada in 1995. The CP cars should have been repainted by then. On that site, did you notice 6765 in b&w? I noticed the VIA IC3 demo at Kingston.