Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

Remember this book?

I saw the modern version of that today. I was driving around the Perimeter Highway today in Winnipeg, intending to catch VIA's Canadian at Wilkes Avenue before heading into the city. As I approached the CP La Riviere track, I saw a long southbound grain train approaching the highway. I could see that it was going to cross the highway before I got to the crossing. I decided to exit and take a shot of it after it crossed the highway. I rushed over to get the shot, and here it is at 12:08.
CP 9641 leaving Winnipeg
I returned to the highway and got in line for the crossing. The train continued on, car after car, and as I watched I could see it going slower and slower. I could hear the engineer talking with the RTC and the train was in trouble. That single AC4000CW was struggling to pull almost 100 grain cars up the gentle grade. Soon it was proceeding at a walking pace, then a crawl, then ... it stopped.

I heard that CP 3116? (or 3118, can't remember) was working a couple of miles north, with another Boyko in the engineer's chair, and I was wondering if Mr Boyko would have to come give this train a push. Suddenly the grain cars started moving again, slowly, then gaining speed, and finally, 17 minutes later, the crossing was clear. The little red engine COULD!

Normally I love being stopped by a train, but that was a little much!

During this time, I heard that VIA 1 (the Canadian) had stopped at Waverley. It turned out that VIA 6420 was not loading and they had to wait for someone to come look at the engine. The Thursday CEMR train ended up going around them, and I grabbed a quick shot of them as they approached Carman Junction.
CEMR 4000

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