Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lake Louise

Lake Louise Station Sign
I stumbled across some photos I took back on August 11, 2002 when I visited Lake Louise in Alberta. We stopped at the former CP station there and took a few photos of the passenger cars. While we were there, one westbound CP freight rolled by on the new main track, then an eastbound freight rolled up to the station and stopped.
CP 9556 at Lake Louise, Alberta
The eastbound had CP 9556 leading, another unit, then CP 9560 trailing. My son and I were invited up in the cab, so we had a quick look around.
Cab of CP 9556
There are several passenger cars there, including diner Delamere.
Diner Delamere at Lake Louise
The station itself is quite impressive. This picture does not do it justice.

I hope to get out there next summer and take much better photos of the area... and hopefully see a few trains go by at the same time.

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Eric said...

Steve, it's a wonder some head-office type from CP doesn't stop by and try to buy those cars for Royal Canadian Pacific service (maybe they're already tried). They've got quite a mixed bag of heavyweight cars already.

You're right, hard to do that mountain scenery justice - no camera viewfinder is big enough.