Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Today's Hudson Bay

VIA 6458 and the Hudson Bay
I braved the cold today to shoot the Hudson Bay leaving Winnipeg. We had a bit of a blizzard Sunday night and Monday morning, but the roads were mostly cleared by Tuesday. It left a nice clean blanket of snow for the pictures. The brilliant sunshine helped, too.

The Hudson Bay got clearance to leave the station downtown at 12:18, about 13 minutes after its scheduled departure time. It rolled past CN 403, in the Fort Rouge yard dropping off a bad order car, before passing me at St. James Junction at 12:29. The engineer in the left hand seat gave me a nice wave.
VIA Engineering Waving
The consist was engines VIA 6458 and 6438; baggage car 8600; coaches 8110 (empty) and 8100; diner 8418 York; and sleeper 8229 Chateau Viger. A fellow in 8100 gave me a wave, too.
Passenger waving
Soon enough, they were gone and so was I.
VIA Hudson Bay

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