Sunday, January 17, 2010

Trains in the Snow

On Saturday January 9, I took the kids up to Ware House hobbies (265 Rouge Street, off Portage Avenue). On the way up the Perimeter, I stopped at Wilkes Avenue and bagged a westbound container train at 14:09. The consist was CN 5625, CN 2625, and IC 1024.
CN 5625, Winnipeg

We had our visit to the train store, and on the way back... another stop at Wilkes, this time for an eastbound at 14:53. CN 5775 and 2539 were pulling a train with loaded paper products and automobiles. I hit end of tape before I saw the end of the train.
CN 5775, Winnipeg

It was one of those days where the trains showed up right when you wanted them to. That makes up for the days you wait hours for nothing!

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