Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another Three-Way

Another Hudson Bay, another three-way meet.

I went to see the Hudson Bay at noon on March 30, and found a three-way meet setting up. The north track was out of service west of St. James Junction, with CN 112 coming east, and VIA 693 (the Hudson Bay) and CN 787 going west. The plan was to bring the Hudson Bay up just west of Waverley Street on the south track, followed by CN 787, then run CN 112 onto the north track and go by the two trains.

At 12:24 VIA 693 crossed Waverley Street and stopped short of the CN-CP diamond.
VIA's Hudson Bay with 6446 leading

VIA's Hudson Bay in Winnipeg Manitoba

Next, CN 787 pulled up behind them. They were too far away to get shots from Waverley Street and I was not going to trespass by walking down the tracks.

Next, CN 112 crossed over from the south track to the north track in front of VIA 693, then proceeded past. I pushed the limit of the zoom on my Canon S3 to get this shot. Note the solid red signals that VIA is seeing.
CN 2279 and the Hudson Bay

CN 112 rolled by me. They stopped with the head end in Fort Rouge yard for a minute, then carried on again.

The Hudson Bay got the green light and took off. Finally, CN 787 went by with IC 2723 and ex-BC Rail 4653.
IC 2723 in Winnipeg

Maybe we will see if April 6 is another Three-Way Tuesday.

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