Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Canadian On The Curve

VIA 6408 and the Canadian rounding the bend
On Monday (March 29) I decided to shoot the Canadian at a different spot. I went west of Diamond (just west of Winnipeg) to where the track bends a bit northward. I knew I was just ahead of the Canadian and in fact as I zoomed along the dirt road at 80 km/hr I could see the headlight behind me in the distance. The hotbox at mile 10.0 said they were doing 58 MPH and they were gaining on me. I raced as fast as I dared drive on the dirt road to the bend, then pulled over and grabbed my equipment to get the shot.

I think it worked out OK. I had the camera zoomed in some, as you can see, and I think it adds drama. I would have liked to pan as the Park car went by, but I had no idea if the tripod was level and I decided not to risk messing up the end of the video. There is a bubble level built into the tripod but I have learned it is not reliable.

I do think the going-away shot there is a good one.
VIA's Canadian outside Winnipeg

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