Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A CN 1501 Chase

Track inspection car CN 1501 was in Winnipeg last week. You may remember that it visited the Maritimes last April. It laid over at the Fort Rouge yard on February 25, and headed west in the morning of February 26. Jeff Keddy gave chase and took some great photos.

Jeff shot it first near Fort Rouge yard. Here you can see the CN Subway sign to the right, and the VIA maintenance center in the background to the right.
CN 1501 at Fort Rouge. Photo by Jeff Keddy

Next he shot it at St. James Junction, going over the CN-CP diamond.
CN 1501 at St James Junction. Photo by Jeff Keddy

Jeff said that 1501 was only going 30 MPH so it was possible to keep up with it and get some shots on the way to Portage la Prairie. They stopped just west of Diamond to drop off a couple of employees.
CN 1501 at Diamond. Photo by Jeff Keddy

Here's a closeup of the end of the car, showing the CN Engineering logo.
CN 1501 at Diamond. Photo by Jeff Keddy

CN 1501 was running as train #489. Here it is just west of Elie, Manitoba.
CN 1501 at Elie, MB. Photo by Jeff Keddy

Next, the elevator at Oakville, MB.
CN 1501 at Oakville, MB. Photo by Jeff Keddy.

It stopped again in Portage la Prairie at the station to make a pickup.
CN 1501 at Portage la Prairie. Photo by Jeff Keddy.

Thanks to Jeff for sharing such great shots!

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