Tuesday, March 09, 2010

CN 2231 West

CN 2231 in Winnipeg
After all the blog-changing excitement of the weekend, it's back to trains again. Today I went to Waverley Street here in Winnipeg to try to shoot VIA's Hudson Bay train. I didn't see it, but I did see this CN westbound freight.

Just east of Waverley Street, a CN maintenance of way (MOW) crew were doing some welding on what appeared to be the crossover switch points. As the freight approached at 12:15, they took position on both sides to give it the proper rollby inspection. CN 2231 and old warhorse 5295 pulled a dog's breakfast of cars behind them.

Normally I stand on the south side of the tracks in this area, to have the sun behind me. However, since it was overcast, I elected to stand on the north side of the tracks to get a different viewpoint.

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