Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hot Meals Return to the Chaleur

VIA Chaleur
VIA Rail announced that hot meals will be reinstated on the Chaleur (the Montréal ― Gaspé train) year-round. Snacks will be replaced by hot meals prepared by Newrest, the same company that provides meals on the Ocean. The dining car will return from June to October and over Christmas.

A joint VIA - Gaspé working group was also created to "study ways of enhancing service on the Montréal-Gaspé line and promoting tourism in the region." A great idea, I think.

One note from VIA's president and CEO, Marc Laliberté: "the financial bottom line is not optional, but mandatory." Translation: USE IT OR LOSE IT. A fair statement, I think. Hopefully VIA's customers, after blockading the line and protesting in many other ways, will step up and use the dining service they fought for.

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this - I'll definitely be making use!

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