Thursday, March 11, 2010

Passenger Trains at McGivney

"Back in the day", McGivney, NB was a happening place. It was where the CN Miramichi subdivision (McGivney - Newcastle) and the CN Nashwaak subdivision (McGivney - Fredericton) met the CN Napadogan subdivision (Moncton - Edmundston). Freight and passenger trains rolled through on the Napadogan sub, while local freights went north and south on the other two subdivisions. In time, the Miramichi and Nashwaak subdivisions were abandoned, and all that remains is the Napadogan subdivision with its occasional freight trains.

Danny McCracken noted that the book "History of Boiestown" says the last passenger train between Newcastle and Fredericton returned on January 19, 1961 with CN RDC-3 D354.

Here are a few shots of passenger trains that called on McGivney.

At one time the Napadogan subdivision hosted RDC service. On August 28, 1976 David Morris shot train 619 at McGivney. For whatever reason, this particular train had conventional power on the head end with an RDC on the tail end.
RDC CN 6200 at McGivney, NB. Photo by David Morris
CN 3617 (RS-18)
CN 15424 (steam generator)
CN 5382 (coach)
CN 6200 (RDC-2)
I find it strange that there was a steam generator car on the train in August!

For about six months, VIA ran the Ocean over the Napadogan subdivision due to a landslide in Quebec. David caught train 14 at McGivney on February 12, 1977.
CN 6536 at the head of the Ocean in McGivney, NB. Photo by David Morris
6536 (FP9A)
6632 (F9B)
6534 (FP9A)
9626 (baggage)
9483 (baggage-dormitory)
5434 (coach)
5583 (coach)
5644 (coach)
757 (cafe-lounge)
5705 (Dayniter)
1343 (diner)
1178 (sleeper GREENBRIER)
1166 (sleeper GREENING)

Since the cessation of passenger service on the Napadogan, the only passenger trains that can be seen at McGivney are the occasional Ocean detours. David and I shot the westbound Ocean, VIA 15, on July 10, 2005.
VIA 15 at McGivney

I shot the eastbound Ocean at the west end of McGivney siding on September 14, 2008.
VIA 6400 at McGivney
This may be one of my last photos of VIA 6400, given its involvement in the recent derailment.

Who knows? Maybe groups like Transport Action can get the various levels of government to increase passenger rail service in New Brunswick, and McGivney could get regular passenger service again. Hope springs eternal!

EDIT: Added Danny's note.

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