Saturday, March 06, 2010

VIA Derailment Update

On March 2 a train (VIA 300) went up the Montmagny subdivision to the VIA derailment site at St-Charles, Quebec, to bring the damaged train back to Montreal. The cars they brought were to provide braking power for the train, as they can't trust the damaged train to have proper brake connections. The train had ex-GO 521 for power, with Chateau Closse, and coaches 8132 and 8112.

At the time, all the damaged cars were on the track, with VIA 6400 coupled onto the Skyline facing east and VIA 6457 a couple of cars further facing west.

Ron Pelletier reported that VIA 303 left Joffre at 21:30 on March 3 heading west to Montreal, with the entire train. They had to proceed at a maximum of 20 MPH and stop and inspect every hour.

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