Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A Few Grain Elevators

Continuing from the Parrish & Heimbecker elevator I posted yesterday, here are a few more elevators I shot recently.

While returning from Moose Jaw, we stopped in Whitewood SK for a bathroom break. I noticed the elevator over by the tracks and had to get a shot of it. I didn't have time to do a 360 degree view of it, but this is the view from the local road.
Grain elevator in Whitewood SK
Note the antennae on the top of the elevator. It seems a little wrong! ;)

Here's an active elevator in Rosser, Manitoba just northwest of Winnipeg. This was taken in March so there was still a bit of snow around.
Elevator in Rosser Manitoba

Finally, here are two elevators I shot in Niverville, MB late last September. The sun was going down and I only had my video camera with me, so the shots aren't great. I should get down there and get some better shots... hopefully with a CP train beside them.
Grain elevator in Niverville, MB

Grain elevator in Niverville, MB

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Eric said...

Nice to see those Cominco Elephant elevators getting some exposure (pun intended). They are easy to overlook, but are indeed elevators, and as much part of the prairie scene as their bigger brothers. There was one in Portage during my time there. Thanks for posting those Steve.