Friday, June 25, 2010

Grain Elevators at Indian Head

Grain elevators at Indian Head, SK
In late May, I convinced my wife to stop briefly at Indian Head, SK so I could shoot the grain elevators there. This is not a comprehensive view of the elevators but a brief glimpse of yesterday's and today's elevators.
Modern grain elevator at Indian Head SK
Did you know that Indian Head had twelve grain elevators in 1905? In 1902 it was the largest initial shipment point of wheat in the world. Even now, with three elevators (of which at least two appear active) it appears busier than many Prairie towns.
Indian Head grain elevators
I'll have to take more detailed photos of these elevators the next time I pass through. I also want to stop at Sintaluta nearby, as their elevators look pretty interesting.


Eric said...

Nice Indian Head photos, Steve. Not sure what that green CP paper car is doing there, whether its load is inbound or outbound, perhaps bagged grain or other products.

I was able to get a couple of shots at Indian Head around 1983, when there was still an impressive elevator row. Unfortunately it was a gloomy, overcast evening, and even though VIA No 1 passed while we were there, the photos are not that good. Photo editing might help, before posting to Trackside Treasure.

Thanks for sharing,

Mike said...

Those tanks really dwarf the stuff we had back home in Steam Mill, NS! Thanks for the photos.