Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another Late Canadian

I was considering going to shoot the Canadian on Saturday when a message from a friend out east confirmed it for me. His friend was traveling coach on the Canadian and he wondered if I was going to shoot it... sounds like a good reason to me! I bundled the kids in the car and off we went to Wilkes Avenue.

I went east on Wilkes from the Perimeter, then started back toward Diamond when I saw headlights to the west. It turned out to be CN 314 on its way into Winnipeg, with CN 2556 and 5743.
CN 2556 in Winnipeg

We carried on to Diamond. I decided to shoot just west of Diamond, to include the west-facing signals in the shot behind the Canadian. We waited.. and waited.. and waited.. I don't know what it is about VIA these days, but Saturday's Canadian was the second late VIA 1 in a row leaving Winnipeg. VIA 1 finally showed up at 13:25, a good hour late leaving Winnipeg.

As a bonus, it had 3 engines.
VIA 6424 at Diamond

By this time, the kids were starving so it was time to leave. As I was driving east, I heard CN 198 call the signals at Diamond, so I knew they were right behind me. In less than 5 minutes CN 8866 and 5673 arrived. I did not stay to shoot the whole train but I got the head end with the long lens.
CN 8866 leads train 198 near Diamond, MB
I am going to try to shoot VIA 1 on Monday to complete the set of Canadians.

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