Saturday, July 24, 2010

BNSF on the Road in Phoenix

I went out again in Phoenix on July 21 to shoot a few BNSF units. This time I ignored the yard, and headed north along Grand Avenue to see if I could see anything on their "main" line that heads up to Flagstaff.

Very shortly I came across BNSF 2864 shunting some tank cars at Alhambra Yard just north of Mobest Yard.

After watching for a few minutes, I carried on northwards. Around Glendale (outside Phoenix) I saw a northbound intermodal stopped, apparently for a crew change. I went just a bit further north and parked. Soon I saw the headlights come on, and the train rolled on by.

I really like the variety of trailers on the train. It's rare to see trailers on trains in Canada.

I carried on northward to the El Mirage / Ennis / Surprise area. BNSF has a large autorack yard here, and the Ennis subdivision branches off to the west. I saw a short train parked on the Ennis subdivision, so I drove over to photograph it. As I approached, the ditch lights came on and the train started rolling. I grabbed this (poor) video of it as it left.

You can see that the honk startled me! :)

There was a "rider" caboose parked just behind the train... BN 12430.
Caboose BN 12430
The caboose has "SHOVE CAR REAR END ONLY" stenciled on all four sides.

Read Aeromoe's page on the Ennis subdivision for more information.

It was pretty much dark by then (it gets dark fast in Phoenix) so I gave up the railfanning and did my usual pilgrimage to Fry's. I love that store.

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