Sunday, July 04, 2010

CN 121 Detour Video

The CN derailment has been cleared up (as of 21:50 last night). Here's a video that Yan B. took of CN 121 just as it was entering Campbellton on its detour over the former CFMG/NBEC properties.


Dorothy Potter Snyder said...

Hello Train Geek!
I write to you from Tiny Town, PA where we are very near one of the largest collection of antique steam engines in the USA. Indeed, my fiancée and I are getting married on Good Old Number 40 in August, such a freak am I about trains. Grew up on trains. In fact, my great grandfather worked for the Union Pacific and was the first person to successfully blow a tunnel through a mountain with nitroglycerin instead of dynamite! I spent nearly four years practically living on trains in Europe.

This i by way of saying, LOVE YOUR IMAGES! I will be back.

Canadian Train Geek said...

Hi, thanks for reading and commenting. I haven't been to Steamtown (yet) but I do hope to get there someday.

I've subscribed to your blog... looks interesting!

Best wishes to you and your fiancée.