Friday, July 16, 2010

CP Moose Jaw Yard

CP Moose Jaw Yard Layout
I was in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan back in May and I took some photos of the yard and its contents. Here is my first post on the subject.

Moose Jaw was selected as a divisional point by the CPR in 1881, mainly because it was a good place to cross the river valley and it had an abundant supply of water for the CPR's steam locomotives. Work trains reached Moose Jaw on September 6, 1882 but it was not until April 1, 1883 before the first scheduled passenger train arrived.

Moose Jaw has been important to CP ever since. They maintain a large shop facility here, and their presence here is much larger than in nearby Regina.

The yard is bounded by Manitoba Street on the north, Main Street to the east, and Maple Street to the south, with the 4th Avenue viaduct crossing over the yard just west of the shops. There are plenty of places to get shots of power in the yard, especially the 4th Avenue viaduct.

The yard diagram above is visible from the parking lot along Manitoba Street. A quick walk south from Manitoba Street could take you to the fueling area, but that area is off limits. It can be photographed from the parking lot but there aren't any clear shots. You can shoot the engine house farther east on Manitoba Street but again, it is not a great shot.
CPR Moose Jaw shops

Shooting from Maple Street can yield a few shots. I took this shot of the fuel tanks from there.
CPR Moose Jaw fuel tanks

The best shots by far are from the 4th Avenue viaduct. Here is the view from the south end.
CPR Moose Jaw yard

Walking north gets you more angles.
CPR Moose Jaw yard

Further north...
CPR Moose Jaw yard

You can even shoot across the yard to get some MOW equipment.
CPR Moose Jaw snow plows

In my next post, I will share some closer shots of engines in the yard.

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Eric said...

Steve, that looks like a "Geogrid" autorack behind the crane at Moose Jaw. Nice MoW shots. I took a couple of photos there back around '81, and was discouraged from doing so by the local CP cop. Yard held lots of Soo Line freight equipment at the time.

Did you know the new series "Rookie Blue" which is on ABC but filmed in Toronto has a senior officer (maybe the chief) named Boyko? (Trivia for you there)

Thanks for sharing those MJaw shots,