Tuesday, July 06, 2010

June 29 Sightings

CEMR 4001 and 4011 in Winnipeg
I saw a couple of trains on my way to and from the airport on June 29.

First, a CEMR train was waiting at the beginning of the Carman subdivision to enter the CN Rivers subdivision to go east at 10:26. CEMR 4001, 4011 and 4002 were at the head of a long grain train.

CEMR 4011 recently arrived in Winnipeg from the Windsor & Hantsport Railway in Nova Scotia. I reported back at the end of April that 4011 and 4014 were being readied to go back home, with the purchase of the "new" GE units for the W&H. They left in May and 4011 was in Winnipeg at the beginning of June.

On my way back, I saw that the CEMR train was still waiting there at 11:30. As I rounded the city on the Perimeter, I saw a CP train heading north on the La Riviere subdivision. I shot it just as it crossed the Perimeter by the BrettYoung seed plant.
CP 1128 and 3028 in Winnipeg
CP 1128 and 3028 are old friends, commonly assigned to the La Riviere subdivision. I have seen them a few times.

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