Wednesday, July 14, 2010

NB Southern Passenger Train Excursion - May

David Morris sent along some photos of the May 22, 2010 NB Southern passenger train. The excursion went the usual route from Saint John to Welsford and back.

The train had NBSR 2317 for power, with NB Southern's three passenger cars 5537, 5471, and 5448, and business caboose NBSR 422990 on the end.

The first shot is the standard shot at the overpass at Westfield Beach.
NBSR excursion train at Westfield Beach. Photo by David Morris.

One thing I like about David's photos is that he tries to get the best perspectives, often off the beaten path. This shot at Blagdon is a good example of that.
NB Southern passenger train in Blagdon, NB. Photo by David Morris.

Here's a nice perspective on the famous Reversing Falls in Saint John.
NB Southern train on Reversing Falls. Photo by David Morris.

This shot was one of David's standard shots when the Atlantic was still running. Imagine these green cars were still blue and yellow, and an F40PH-2 or two were on the head end, and the caboose was a dome... ah, never mind.
NB Southern train in Saint John. Photo by David Morris.

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