Sunday, July 18, 2010

SD40s in Moose Jaw

Continuing the Moose Jaw theme, here are some shots of SD40-2 engines I saw in the Canadian Pacific yard in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.
CP 6013 and 6602 in Moose Jaw, SK
CP 6013 and 6602 are both SD40-2 units. 6013 was one of the 489 SD40-2 engines that CP bought, and it was built in late 1980 or early 1981. 6602 was built as SOO 6602 in May 1980 but has clearly been repainted as a CP unit.

CP has leased a number of CEFX and CITX units for quite some time, especially CEFX AC4400s. Here are two leasers I saw in Moose Jaw, both SD40-2s.
CEFX 3183 in Moose Jaw, SK
I like the bright blue... looks like Conrail.
CITX 3095 in Moose Jaw, SK
CITX 3095's colours are not as impressive to me.

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