Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday's Hudson Bay

VIA 6446 and the Hudson Bay
The kids and I went up to Wilkes Avenue to get the Hudson Bay on Sunday. First we went west to near Diamond, and waited and waited. I didn't have the scanner with me so I had no idea when VIA would actually show up.

After a while the kids were getting anxious and hot, so I drove up to Diamond to check the lights - dark. Then I drove east on Wilkes, and encountered headlights a little east of Carman Junction. I pulled over and grabbed these shots from the side of the road.
VIA's Hudson Bay (train 693) leaving Winnipeg Manitoba
The train had consecutive engine numbers 6446 and 6445, with the usual baggage car, two coaches, diner and sleeper. I keep hoping to see a dome on this train!

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