Saturday, July 03, 2010

This Day, 19 Years Ago

Here are two slides, shot at McAdam, NB 19 years ago on July 3, 1981. CP 8776 and CP 8784 were apparently doing some switching.
CP 8776, McAdam

CP 8784, McAdam, NB

CP 8776 was built by the Montreal Locomotive Works (MLW) in May 1958. It was rebuilt as part of CP's RS-18 rebuild program in 1985 and became CP 1834. It served CP for just over a decade before being sold to the New Brunswick East Coast Railway in April 1998, becoming NBEC 1834.

NBEC 1834 served for a little over five years, before going to sister railway Ottawa Central in November 2003 and becoming OCRR 1834. It does not appear to have been repainted, given this photo taken in March 2006 showing it in tattered CP colours and NBEC lettering.

After CN purchased the Quebec Railway Corporation properties, OCRR 1834 was sent to the scrappers in Chicago in June 2009.

I personally saw NBEC 1834 9 times before it went to the Ottawa Central. Here's a video of it, shunting in Miramichi with NBEC 4210.

CP 8784 had a less exciting history. It was also built by MLW in May 1958, and was rebuilt in 1989 to become CP 1852. It ran for a mere 8 years before being retired in March 1997 and presumably scrapped.

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