Thursday, August 19, 2010

Highly Delayed Hudson Bay

VIA's Hudson Bay
VIA's Hudson Bay had quite a time of it this week. VIA 69341-15 departed Winnipeg on Sunday (Aug 15) as usual, but derailed at Lady Lake, Saskatchewan on Sunday while pulling into a siding for a meet with a CN freight. Trailing locomotive VIA 6445 and baggage car VIA 8600 derailed but remained upright. A CN work train was dispatched and re-railed the train, which was then pulled back to Canora, SK.

The Winnipeg Free Press reported that the passengers were transferred to a new train. This would have been VIA 692 coming south from Churchill. The "new" train then attempted to carry on to Churchill, but was held at Gillam, MB for about seven hours due to high water.

The train arrived at Churchill, MB at 03:00 on August 18, about 20 hours late.

The return trip left Churchill at 13:15 on Wednesday (Aug 18), almost 18 hours late. Let's hope they make it back to Winnipeg without incident!

The photo above has 6445 in the second position, with baggage car 8600, just like the ill-fated train this week. However, the above photo was taken on October 13, 2009 in Winnipeg!

CBC report, Winnipeg Free Press, VIA Rail advisory

EDIT: Added note about train change, and Winnipeg Free Press article link.

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