Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cabooses Donated to Portage la Prairie Station

CP 434560 in Calgary
Two cabooses have been donated to the Portage la Prairie CPR station. CP 434560 and CP 434604 are now in Portage in the CP yard, awaiting installation of track. 434604 is burned out and will be used for parts for 434560.

I shot both those cabooses outside Calgary in June. At the time I said they seemed to be at the "end of their days"... I'm glad to see one of them will have a new life.

CP will also be donating a mail baggage car, currently in Brandon MB awaiting shipment.

Thanks to Jeff Keddy for the news.

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Curt said...

You've got some great photos on here. Well taken. I can tell you're very passionate about the railway. If you get a spare minute, stop by my blog and see what you think. I've started an experiment here in Winnipeg and I'm looking for anyone that might be interested. It's been fun so far, and the more people that know about it and want to join the better it will be. Thanks for you time. L8R