Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kenora's Railway Museum

CP 8120 at the Lake of the Woods Railway Museum
When we were camping near Kenora, Ontario I shot a few pictures outside the Lake of the Woods Railway Museum. The museum itself was closed but I took some outside photos and walked through the caboose.

The two major outside exhibits are engine CP 8120 and caboose CP 437473. There is also a velocipede and a baggage cart, and a very nice mural.
CP 8120 in Kenora, Ontario
CP 8120 is a SW1200 built by GMD in September 1958. It was retired in 1997 and donated to the museum.

Caboose CP 437473 is holding up well. It was built in 1954.
Caboose CP 437473

There are a number of displays inside the caboose. I noticed this banner from the Kenora CP Rail Retiree Club.

The sign in the window of the station says "TRAINS TRAINS MODEL TRAINS - See the largest model railroad display in NW Ontario." The museum is open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 1-4 PM.

I plan to go back to Kenora next summer, and hopefully I can time it so I can go in the museum!


Rasmus Axelsson said...

Is the picture on this site http://www.kenora.ca/living/arts-culture/museums.aspx showing the museum taken by you?

Canadian Train Geek said...

Hi Rasmus, it sure looks like mine! Thanks for pointing that out.