Friday, September 24, 2010

Lake Louise Station

Lake Louise Station
On August 6 we stopped at Lake Louise Station, at my insistence. I did a quick run around the cars and station, madly blasting away with my camera, before we headed on to the hotel and lake itself.
Passenger cars at Lake Louise
The station has three passenger cars on display: Killarney, Delamere (dining car), and Laurentian. All three are looking a little shabby on the outside. However, Delamere looks very nice inside!
CP dining car Delamere at Lake Louise
The station is quite interesting looking. I like the log look to it.
Lake Louise Station
The restaurant's menu is full of tasty-sounding but expensive food, like Grilled Alberta Pork Chops ($24), Alberta Bison Burger ($19), or Station Spring Rolls ($12). I don't think I would go to the Rockies for Grilled Atlantic Salmon ($35), though.
Menu at Lake Louise Restaurant
Don't forget the station garden!
Lake Louise Station Garden
Here's a link to photos I took in 2002 of the Lake Louise station.


Mike said...

Ha ha! Yeah, my family is (thankfully) still tolerant of my having to stop and look at every railway thing we come across! ;-)

Canadian Train Geek said...

You have to strike a balance.. and know when you've focused too long on trains!

When we're traveling long distances, I only stop for trains that I can take a quick shot and move on. No waiting trackside! :)

Robert in Port Townsend said...

That is a beautiful display at Lake Louise Stn. Shows loving care and attention to the native beauty of that location, full of history!

I found the key to co-existing with significant other when "train chasing" was to INVOLVE her. For example, when I hovered around Willamette Pass in the '60's we packed a picnic lunch and a trail snack. Several venues were within easy hiking off road's end. She loved going up there.

We shared quality time, I got my photos, and the helper crews got an eyeful - giving her a proper tattoo on the air horn as they observed her sunbathing topless!

Canadian Train Geek said...

Sunbathing topless?? Ah, the 60's...