Saturday, September 04, 2010

On The Bridge

CN 346 on the Floodway, Winnipeg
I was out near Symington looking at a new office Thursday around noon when I spotted a train about to leave the yard. CN 346 was backing onto her DPU engine in preparation to head down the Sprague subdivision. When I was done my inspection, I got ahead of it at Tinker Town and shot the lead unit, Dash-9 CN 2656. The engines were running flat out pulling the train up to speed.
CN 2656 in Winnipeg
I sped on ahead, wanting to shoot the train crossing the bridge over the Floodway. It took a few minutes for the train to get there.
CN 2656 on the Floodway bridge, Winnipeg
After a few minutes, the DPU unit (CN 8822) rolled on by.
CN 8822 on the Floodway bridge, Winnipeg
Even though the weather was cloudy, it was nice to see the train.

You might remember I shot train 346 on the Floodway before, albeit from a different angle and in a different season.

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