Sunday, September 26, 2010

One Night in Phoenix

Union Pacific yard in Phoenix Arizona
On my latest trip to Phoenix, Arizona I went out on Wednesday September 22 to find some trains. I found a couple of trains waiting at the western end of Union Pacific's yard near downtown Phoenix. UP 2449 was at the head of one and patched ex-Southern Pacific unit UP 1485 headed up the other one. 1485 looked ready to head out, so I took a few quick snaps.
UP 2449 and 1485 in Phoenix
Sure enough, UP 1485 throttled up and headed out right after I changed the long lens out for the wide angle one. Good timing! I shot this through the fence under 7th Street.

Satisfied with that, I headed north. I decided to parallel the BNSF line for a while. I didn't see anything moving, but I did spy an old red caboose conveniently parked next to Grand Avenue. I shot ATSF 999813.
ATSF caboose 999813
This caboose really fits the nickname "crummy". Look at the crushed cupola, for example!

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