Saturday, October 09, 2010

Alyth and Ogden

CP 3076 and other GP38s in Calgary
On October 5 I shot some engines at the Ogden Shops and at Alyth yard in Calgary, Alberta. I didn't have much time before the sun set, so it was a quick visit.

These are the units I saw at Ogden. The most notable was CP 5745, with "Expressway" painted on the side. Here's a video with 5745 leading, from 2009.

Over at Alyth, I didn't see anything like the Royal Canadian Pacific train I saw last time! These are the units I saw.

I saw a few old GP9 units there, CP 1557 and CP 1601. Nice to see the old warhorses still at work.
CP 1557 in Calgary

CP 1601 in Calgary
I saw CP 1601 in Calgary back in June.

I noticed a little box just below the overpass.

This is where all the SBUs (Sense and Brake Uunit, the thing that goes on the end of a train) are stored, I guess. It makes sense that there is a place at the exit to a yard for an SBU to be stored, so they can be put on outgoing trains.

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