Thursday, October 07, 2010

Carseland Action

I've been in Carseland, AB for the past couple of days, and after work I managed to spot a few trains.

On October 5 I saw the local switcher units, CP 3092 and 3062, working at the tail of the wye. The conductor is on the ground lining the switch so they can go into a local industry. Note the caboose in the background (CP 434703).
CP 3092 and 3062 in Carseland, AB
I headed down the road to shoot the two local elevators, the Cargill and Pioneer monstrosities.
Cargill elevator in Carseland AB

Pioneer elevator in Carseland AB
I drove to the actual town of Carseland.. mighty small!

On my way back I was surprised by a CP eastbound freight. I shot it from a distance and I like the way it turned out. CP 9663 and 9583 led a shortish mixed freight.
CP 9663 in Carseland Alberta
That was it for that day. I drove up to the CP Ogden and CP Alyth yards to document what was there... that's another post.

Around suppertime on October 6, I saw the same two GP38s heading back toward Calgary. I barely managed to beat them to Indus and grabbed this video.

There you have it, a little action in and around Carseland, Alberta.

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