Friday, October 01, 2010

The Herbert CPR Train Station Museum

In August I visited the Herbert CPR Train Station Museum in Herbert, Saskatchewan. I was searching for grain elevators and decided to visit the museum while I was in the area. I'm glad I did.
Herbert train station
It looks pretty nice on the outside. On the grounds are three pieces of rolling stock: a snowplow, a caboose and a boxcar.
Snow plow CP 400798
CP 400798 is a double-track snowplow, built in August 1928.
CP 56065 in Herbert
CP 56065 is a boxcar, built in December 1957. I like the old multimark.
CP 434632
CP 434632 is a typical Canadian Pacific Railway steel caboose, built in July 1979.

One of the things that drew my eye on the outside was this sign.
Faspa in Herbert
What the heck is Faspa? The station is glad you asked.

"Faspa is a coffee-break, tea-time. A coffee and cake time between lunch and supper. Traditionally, Mennonite homes served Faspa on a regular basis. ... Homemade bread, accompanied by butter, jams, and sometimes meat and cheese formed the centerpiece of Faspa. Frequently cakes and cookies followed the bread course... Nowadays Faspa is typically reserved for company on Sunday afternoons. Faspa is not necessarily served because people are hungry or thirsty, but rather as a shown of hospitality." - from a sign in the station.

The station has a lovely dining room with two tables and some benches. I would think Faspa would be a pleasant experience here.

The ticketing area is used as an office and greeting and gift shop area. I mentioned the dining room. The baggage area holds the actual museum. There are a lot of interesting items there.
Herbert station interior
They have quite a few old books on display. I was amused to see that some of them are in my collection, too.
Union cards
Lots of union cards and railway passes here.
Model train display in Herbert
They have a nice model train display.

There is a great Virtual Museum feature on Faspa Country: a Herbert story that I encourage you to read. If you haven't visited Canada's Virtual Museum, you've been missing out.

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