Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hot Times at Portage Junction

The Canadian at Portage Junction
I had a bank errand to run late Monday morning. When I finished, I was on Pembina Highway just south of Fort Rouge. I stepped out of the bank and heard the unmistakable sound of a train engine in run 8 struggling to get a train moving. At that time of day it had to be CN 532 heading down the Letellier subdivision.

I raced down to McGillivray and parked by the Rexall pharmacy. Very soon I saw CN SD40-2 #5264 struggling to pull a fair sized train by itself.

I imagine the nice thing about the Letellier subdivision is that it is straight and flat, so once you get a train moving you shouldn't need much power. Starting must be a problem!

I wanted to wait for the Canadian, so I went to Fort Rouge and parked on the street. I saw BNSF 3028 was doing a quick turn in the yard. They kicked their cars into the yard, then doubled up the return train and headed out.
BNSF 3028 in Fort Rouge
Once BNSF left, there was nothing in sight, so I decided to go back to my car to get my tripod. On my way back, a CN eastbound rolled by with CN 5765 and IC 1029 on the head end. I think it was probably CN 198, given the time, and the junk cars at the head end followed by containers.

I was a little concerned that CN would block my view of the Canadian, but luckily the tail of the CN eastbound just cleared in time for VIA to be visible on the north track.
VIA 6426 and the Canadian
As usual, there were no repainted units on the Canadian. I know they have passed through Winnipeg, but I have yet to see them. It'll happen eventually.

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