Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Skyline on the Hudson Bay

VIA 6446 and the Hudson Bay
I had a tip that Tuesday's Hudson Bay aka "Winnipeg-Churchill train" would have a Skyline car in place of the usual diner car. I went up to Wilkes Avenue by mile 10 to get the train. The Hudson Bay was a little over 30 minutes late leaving the station. After seeing several CN trains (another blog post), it was time for the Hudson Bay to make the scene. I parked on La Fleche Road just west of the Perimeter Highway. There was a large snow mound there, so I set up on that for some height. The Hudson Bay rolled by just after 1 PM at a fairly slow speed.

Nice toot and bell from the engineer. Full consist

They were following CN 105, which was itself crawling along due to some congestion around Elie. I understand the Hudson Bay stopped at Diamond for a while to wait for 105 to clear the block.
VIA Hudson Bay with Skyline

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