Saturday, February 26, 2011

Elevators at Domain and McTavish

Domain elevator. Photo by Roger Workman
Roger Workman was kind enough to send along these photos he took of the elevators at Domain and McTavish, both on the CP La Riviere subdivision.

The photos above and below are of the elevator in Domain.
Domain grain elevator. Photo by Roger Workman

This is the elevator at McTavish.
Domain grain elevator. Photo by Roger Workman

Thanks, Roger!


Eric said...

Hi Steve,

That little elevator at McTavish looks like a former Elephant Fertilizers (Cominco) elevator. Is it being used for grain, or still in fertilizer service?

I plan on doing a post on these little gems, because they were ubiquitous in many prairie towns.


Canadian Train Geek said...

Hi Eric, I have never been to McTavish so I'm not sure. I did find this photo which is clearly a different elevator. The photo must be old because it says Agricore United... which is now Viterra. Viterra's site doesn't list any presence in McTavish any more so the elevator must be gone now.

Yes, please do a post on elevators!