Saturday, February 05, 2011

Grain Elevator at Carey

Grain elevator at Carey MB
Last September I was on highway 59 a little south of Niverville, and decided to carry on southward in search of elevators. I found one at Carey, Manitoba. This former Pioneer elevator is on the CP Emerson subdivision but clearly has no rail access any more.
CP Emerson subdivision and Carey grain elevator
The elevator is basically in the middle of nowhere with nothing much around it, in sharp contrast to others like the Niverville, La Salle, and so forth that are in the heart of their towns.

It is one of the very few bright red Pioneer elevators in Manitoba. I haven't seen any others, but I understand there is/was one in Kenville West and near Swan River. There may have been others.

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Eric said...

There was a red Pioneer elevator in Brandon too, Steve.

There is just something fundamentally wrong with an elevator located along a rail line but without a switch and track leading to it!

Thanks for sharing,