Thursday, February 03, 2011

Grain Elevators of the La Riviere Subdivision

Back in September 2010 my family and I drove down to Morden, MB. On the way I photographed the grain elevators on the CEMR Carman subdivision. After visiting Morden, we went back to Winnipeg via highway 14 and highway 75, which meant we were traveling near the CP La Riviere subdivision. I took that opportunity to take more photos.

You can follow along with my handy-dandy CP La Riviere subdivision mileage chart.

First up was the former UGG elevator in Morden itself.
Grain elevator in Morden MB
It says "MCCABE - VICTORIA BRAND" on it in faded letters.

Not far from Morden is Winkler, hosting its own elevator.
Elevator in Winkler Manitoba
I believe there is a concrete elevator in Winkler, but I didn't get close enough to take a decent photo of it.

Next up was the heritage elevator in Plum Coulee, Manitoba. What a great name for a town!
Elevator in Plum Coulee, MB
This is a former Agricore United elevator that was taken over by the town.

Plum Coulee has a plan for a heritage square in the centre of town, described here. They appear to have acquired a CP caboose, boxcar and hopper car for their display. I saw them parked on a stub track. Poor CP 434508 has no windows any more.
CP 434508 caboose in Plum Coulee

I shot the elevator at La Salle, MB back in April 2010.
La Salle elevator
Of course in April there were no grain cars there.
Back of the elevator in La Salle, MB

At this point we left the La Riviere subdivision. I have not been to Domain or McTavish, so I don't know if they still have elevators or not. There is at least one elevator in Morris that I need to get to, soon.

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