Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Three Trains on the La Riviere

I stumbled across this neat video when searching for "CP La Riviere" on Google. It features three trains almost "back to back" on the CP La Riviere subdivision. It was shot around mile 2 or 3, well within Winnipeg by Robert, aka itchycam.

The three trains are two locals with the way freight in the middle.

Most of the La Riviere subdivision is OCS (Occupancy Control System) territory, meaning that each train can only occupy a certain portion of track and need to get permission from the RTC to occupy that track. However, the first 4 miles are "rule 105" territory, meaning that trains must proceed at "reduced" speed and not exceed 15 MPH. The definition of "reduced" speed is "A speed that will permit stopping within one-half the range of vision of equipment". In rule 105 territory trains can operate closely together at low speeds, provided they can come to a stop in time.

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