Thursday, February 17, 2011

Well Met at Lorette

On February 11 I was running errands in Winnipeg. Afterward, I went over to CN's Symington Yard to see what was going on. The yard slugs were working the humpyard, and a CN freight was rolling out onto the Sprague subdivision. I shot a few photos and a bit of video from the Fermor overpass, then headed out to try to get the CN freight.

I pursued it for a bit and was able to overtake it shortly before the Lorette siding at mile 138.2. There was a train in the siding, waiting for the eastbound freight to pass. The waiting freight was CN 343, with engines 2572, 2539, 5677 and 2225.

First, the oncoming freight: CN 438 with engines 2244, 5775, and ex-UP unit 2111.
CN 2244 near Winnipeg
CN 343's crew was on the ground, waiting to give 438 an inspection. Here one of 343's crew gives a wave.
CN 2244 and 2572 meet
It's still a bit unusual to see those ex-UP Dash-8s... but I'm getting used to it.
CN 2111 near Winnipeg
The crew diligently watched the train, looking for stuck brakes, dragging equipment, and the like.
Inspecting the train
There were a group of potash cars near the end of the train.
Inspecting the train
With their job done, the crew of 343 went back to their train and headed into Symington.
Done the inspection
"CN 343, diverging to clear signal at Lorette".


Mike said...

Nice photo story. I enjoyed it. Thanks! :-)

jddc.trains said...

Great post Steve!

Looking back in my photo library, I've only seen 1 Dash-8 and it was BCOL 4614. I should try to make it out to Sarcee Yard here in Calgary more often...might just see more of them!


Canadian Train Geek said...

Thanks, Mike and Jason!

The first ex-UP Dash-8 I saw was in Sarcee Yard, Jason. It was CN 2120 in November -

I see a lot of "regular" Dash-8s here in Winnipeg, both ex-BC Rail 46xx and CN 24xx units, and I like seeing them. There are not too many Draper Taper units around.