Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wheels on the Hump

I mentioned back on February 11 that I shot a few pictures from the Fermor overpass at the south end of CN's Symington Yard. When I was there, a hump power set was pushing an interesting train up the hump.
train in Symington
The train had an assortment of train and track parts in it... loose wheels in gondolas, wheel sets on flatcars, and pieces of pre-fabricated track. It looked like a model railroader's scrap box, on a train.
Track switches
Note the snow around the tracks, except for the clear switch to the right. Aren't switch heaters great?

As I said, there were loose wheels in gondolas. These would be fun to model.
Loose wheels in cars
Also, wheels ON cars.
Wheels on train cars
Here's the tail end of the train going by, and another set of power coming forward. Note the flashing light on the top of CN 7522 indicating remote operation.


Adam p. said...

Wow I'm surprised they would let them hump those pieces of track. I would think that would be a load prone to shift which wouldn't be aloud over the hump.

Canadian Train Geek said...

Allowed or not, they went over! :)

Eric said...

I wonder if the track components rode over the hump with the power, since they were just ahead of it.

Nice photos and video, Steve. Notice the predecessor roads...WC grey gon, IC black wheel car.