Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ho Hum

VIA 6419 in Winnipeg
Today's Canadian was a pretty ho-hum train, on a ho-hum day.

Two engines, nine cars, as usual (full consist). I did note that someone left a hatch open on the nose of 6419. I wonder what that is for? Gas cap? Is the SERVICE ENGINE SOON light on in the cab?
VIA 6419

Here's the video.

They were off and running for the west.
Kokanee Park

Little did I know that VanBilly1 was just east of me filming the same train at Waverley Street. Here's his video.

Shortly after they left, BNSF 2756 pushed two gondolas and a dozen tank cars over to Fort Rouge, headed by their caboose BN 12580. Here's VanBilly1's video of it at Waverley Street.

EDIT: Added Billy's videos.

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drc35ca said...

The cover thats open Is that not for sand?