Saturday, April 02, 2011

BNSF Plows

When I was in Grand Forks last weekend, I shot a couple of BNSF snow plows sitting in the yard. I shot caboose BN 10024 and plow BN 972510 first.
BN 10024 and 972510 in Grand Forks
I also saw BN 97501 by itself.
BN 972501 in Grand Forks
I like these plows - different than we have in Canada. They resemble a Jordan spreader but I think these are dedicated plows.

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Karl A. said...

Those plows were made in the Great Northern St.Cloud MN shops. The shop had been making cabooses for a while and you can see the caboose styling on the rear of the plow. The BNSF still rosters quite a few of the "Snowdozers". Nice catch!